Daylesford - Castlemaine - Ballarat Forest Activities Map

Daylesford Maps - Out of Print

Castlemaine Map and Ballarat Forest Activities Map

This map extends from Ballarat in the south to north of Castlemaine, it follows the Midland Highway and provides a thorough coverage of the surrounding forests. The map was extensively field checked during a 12 month period. 
  • Scale: 1:50 000
  • Updated: 2012
  • Double sided with overlapping panel
  • Suitable for use with GPS
  • Extensive 4wd tracks coverage
  • Walking tracks and campsites
  • Map Size: 100cm x 70cm approx
  • Colour with contours, photographs & notes
Side one covers the region bounded by Maldon and Mt. Alexander in the North and Daylesford and Trentham in the South.  Hepburn Regional Park and Castlemaine Diggings National Heritage Park forests are covered in detail. 
Also features Wombat State Forest, Loddon State Forest,Fryers Range State Forest, Fryers Ryde Nature Conservation Park, Sandon State Forest, Muckleford State Forest, Maldon Historic Reserve, Walmer State Forest and Mt Alexander Regional Park . 
Side two covers the region bounded by Hepburn Springs in the north and Ballarat in the south, and includes the forests surrounding Creswick.
Also features Wombat State Forest, Creswick Regional and State Forests and Hepburn Regiona Park.
        Available from Visitor Information Centres, camping shops, selected newsagents, service stations and other stockists located within the area of the map. Also available to purchase online from mapping online stockists